Why you should try custom fit garment.

Finally my kind of fit

When we do shopping does this sound familiar !

This dress is beautiful , wish the length can be little more ?

hmm .. this is sleeveless , i would have prefer short sleeve ?

I cant find my size and they dont have stock ..

This dress seems nice for my office wear , only if it had pocket to carry my tissue and cards.

Like the top wish i can get in my favourite color.

digital designs of premium dresses from house of supr @houseofsupr

Highlight your personal style

Take control of your choices

Here you can make dress as per your own measurements , forget standard sizes

Add pockets

Add length of dress as per your choice

Select sleeve type

Personalize by adding your initials on dress

Support local and be Sustainable

Our designs are made local seamstressers based in Singapore.

Our fabrics are sourced from Singapore based suppliers

Firstly there is zero waste as only as it gets made only when you orders.

You help in supporting local circular economy